LT5002 Blade Eagle installing a blade at a 60-degree angle at the Block Island Wind Farm installation
  • LT5002 Blade Eagle and blade stacking frames on an offshore wind farm platform at Block Island
  • LT5002 Blade Eagle installing the third and final blade.
  • LT5002 Blade Eagle rotating the hub after installing the second blade.
  • LT5002 Blade Eagle lifting and installing a 73.5 m blade
  • LT5002 Blade Eagle lifting 73.5 m blade
  • LT5002 Blade Eagle lifting 73.5 m blade

LT5002-1 Blade Eagle

Blade installation without turning gear

The Blade Eagle is one of our advanced remote-controlled blade yokes for offshore installation. Ideal for electric-pitch turbines, the Blade Eagle installs each blade between +/- 30° from horizontal. No turning gear is required, as the yoke itself is used to turn the rotor. Only the yaw motor is used.

A built-in sensor informs the operator when the crane hook is directly above the yoke, which ensures safe release of each blade with no swerving of the yoke.

Installation procedure

The first blade is installed, and is then lowered to a -60° angle supported by the yoke. This positions the next blade bearing horizontally opposite, ready to receive blade number two.

The turbine is then yawed 180°, and the second blade is installed in horizontal position. The blade is raised to a 30° angle to position the final blade bearing.

The turbine is yawed back 180°, after which the third blade is installed.

  • Enables installation of all three blades without using turning gear
  • Gust winds up to 18 m/s
  • Duplicate electrical components (two independent systems)
  • Duplicate hydraulic pumps and directional valves
  • Camera system eases grabbing and ungrabbing sequence
  • Interactive user manual on tablet
  • Prepared for Liftra Tagline System
  • Blade pressure equalization system, minimizing loads onto blade
  • DNV approved

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