LT1500 Liftra Installation Crane

Installation of turbines up to 250 m hub height

The Liftra Installation Crane enables the installation of turbines with hub heights up to 250 meters with no need for large, expensive conventional cranes. The solution offers less mobilization, a smaller pad area, and reduced emissions for a more hassle-free installation process.

As the most sustainable and cost-efficient technology for wind farm installation, the LT1500 is mobilized with only 5-8 truckloads, while just 1 truckload is needed for transport between turbines on-site. In comparison, the conventional crane method requires 30-40 truckloads for both mobilization and on-site relocation.

  • Installation of turbines up to 250 m (hub height)
  • Simple mobilization with 5-8 truckloads
  • Small pad area
  • Reduced emissions
  • Capacity of 120 t
  • Wind speeds up to 18 m/s

This project has received funding from the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP).