About Liftra

Engineering and design

Liftra is recognized by the international wind turbine industry as a professional specialist in lifting and transportation solutions. We guarantee excellent engineering services in this field, and all projects developed in cooperation with Liftra take into account the practical context for their application.

Starting out in 2003, Liftra has undergone rapid growth as a contributor and trusted partner in the industry. Today, we have locations in Denmark, the USA, Spain, China and Poland.

Designing for tomorrow

Wind energy is a key component in the effort to engineer a sustainable future. At Liftra, we are committed to doing our part in unlocking the wind's full potential going forward. We do this by providing solutions that lower the cost of energy for wind turbine operators worldwide.

We strive to develop solutions that are both technically and economically attractive by approaching each project with an open mind and a readiness to conform to the specific needs of the task in question. In our daily work we draw on our professional qualifications within:

• Project management
• Structural design and analysis
• Machine design
• Hydraulics and electromechanical systems design
• Solid modelling and 3D CAD
• PLC programming and software simulation
• Manufacturing technology and production preparation
• Documentation

Liftra technician at a wind turbine site
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